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Major manufacturers of a variety of products in Southern California are realizing the benefits of outsourced labor, but these companies are not outsourcing overseas. Instead, they have chosen to contract with the services of Vocational Improvement Program, Inc., otherwise known simply as VIP, a non-profit organization based in Rancho Cucamonga. VIP provides these manufacturers with reliable, affordable manpower, while providing its clients–people with disabilities–jobs and personal independence.

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“When it comes to the customers, I think it works all the way around for them because they don’t have to worry about managing employees on production, and also what comes here leaves in the best possible way. Quality control here is most important. Nothing leaves this place and gets sent back. They get “A” quality work, and that’s a win-win. It’s a win for the customer, and it’s a win for us because we get to stay busy all the time,” said Corral.
While VIP’s clients may be benefiting from job opportunities, and its corporate customers take advantage of the affordable, reliable labor close to home, you can count also count its own team members among the organization’s beneficiaries. Orlene Alvarado, has been with VIP for 10 years. As a team lead, she helps train and prepare the clients for employment outsideof the warehouse with employers in the surrounding communities. Alvarado says she loves to teach and inspire others as part of her job working directly with the clients. “I come to work, and I love what I do,” she said. “Everyday is a different day working with the clients. They make you happy. When you’re down, they know how to bring you up, It’s like a family here.”
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—-Jeff Allen

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