Gear Technology Praises People with Disabilities

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Gear Technology a major aerospace gear manufacturer, stated that quality production, fast turn-around and cost savings were some of major reasons ther’re working with VIP’s production services. VIP provides training and employment for individuals with developmental and other disabilities.

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High-quality work is the main reason gear manufacturer Gear Technology chooses to send its jobs to VIP. The fact that the organization helps people with disabilities is an added bonus, according to a company official.

“The number one thing we look for in a product is quality, and VIP was able to prove themselves as a quality supplier. And the fact that we’re able to help out some people who are needing the work, that’s an extra benefit. We’re proud that we can use VIP,” said Will Esterline, Senior Buyer at Gear Technology. The 50-year-old, family-owned company manufactures custom gears, splines, and gear-assemblies, and out-sources certain machining operations. The company has sent numerous jobs to VIP in the past four months.

“At Gear Technology, we manufacture gears, splines, pretty much anything with teeth on it, primarily for the military and aerospace industries,” Esterline explained. “We’re a job shop, we’ll do whatever [clients] need us to do. We have a lot of vendors we use, similar to VIP, where our parts will go to for outside processing, a heat treat, a machining operation.”

Although quality is paramount, quick turn-around and competitive pricing also are factors when Gear Technology chooses a contractor. VIP excels in these areas, Esterline reports. “We’re always trying to get parts as quickly as possible. [VIP] taking a job on short notice helps us. When we have a fire drill at our company, which is pretty common, VIP has always been supportive of our schedules,” he said. “It was also a very good cost saving opportunity. That’s always important.”

The fact that VIP provides training and employment for individuals with developmental and other disabilities is icing on the cake, said Esterline.

“As a company that works with aerospace companies like Boeing and Airbus, I think the number one thing is quality. Whether the workers have disabilities or not, what matters to us is that they provide a quality product.” Community involvement is important at Gear Technology, Esterline explained, saying that businesses should make it a practice to give back to their communities whenever possible. “It’s an important thing to help people with disabilities work in their community.”

Esterline explained that helping people with disabilities become self-sufficient is personal to him. “I think everybody should have the opportunity to succeed at something. Whether or not somebody has a disability, they should have that opportunity. Companies like us provide that opportunity by working with VIP,” he said. “I have a niece that has Downs Syndrome and I know one of my sister’s fears is that she’ll never have an opportunity like this to be able to work in a shop, go to work, or have a normal life. To see VIP provide that opportunity for people who have disabilities makes me feel good that we’re working with them.”

Gear Technology is based in Rancho Cucamonga, California, and has been manufacturing gears and splines since the 1960s. It can boast that gears it produced are on Mars today. For more information on the company and its products, visit

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